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SMILY-Didgeridoo / Kazuki Kitagawa

SMILY combines the indigenous Australian didgeridoo with human beatboxing to produce a wholly original and contemporary sound, elevating the iconic wind instrument to new levels of potential the music world has never seen. His technique and expressive powers are the source of much buzz, garnering SMILY a wealth of fans across the globe, while his track record straddles an impressive range of domestic and international shows—including even TV appearances. Not stopping there, SMILY also holds workshops for various organizations, both corporate and educational, in addition to giving lectures along with his live performances. He also runs his very own didgeridoo workshop, utilizing a rich selection of materials to craft custom didgeridoos for fellow enthusiasts.

Spider Crab Didgeridoo Story

Spider Crab man

Spider Crab Didgeridoo solo
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Spider Crab Didgeridoo player

I turned the giant crab into a stunning 320cm(126inch) long didgeridoo after taking inspiration from the seafood after moving to Heda in July 2016.
I was just so amazed by the size of the crabs that I had to work with them.
Heda is famous for the spider crabs and I wanted to merge my two passions didgeridoos and the town I have made my home. I couldn’t think of a better way to promote the town. I hope to receive orders from around the world.
Having already made didgeridoos from Udon noodles for Kagawa prefecture and turban shells, I would love to make something from any local specilties.